NPR (Non-Product Related) or Indirect spend is receiving more attention as the pressure on procurement to deliver savings increases. Developing and maintaining knowhow in-house for indirect categories makes sense if spend is significant.

Hiring a service provider like S2P professionals for categories requiring specific know-how that is not strategic or available internally delivers better results and higher savings.




DIY or outsource?

Hiring S2P Professionals for sourcing projects requiring specific know-how that is not strategic or available internally is the preferred model for many large corporate organizations. It delivers the required results without claiming resources focused on strategic activities. Our professionals are proficient and experienced in a range of indirect categories.

To support organizations that focus all resources on strategic procurement activities we provide a range of Procurement Outsourcing services. These services are always based on a solid category planning and include sourcing and P2P for indirect spend. 

With our services your organization has immediate access to our know-how and industry best practice. Schedule meeting with us to find out more.


Our expertise covers these indirect spend categories

Marketing related services

Professional Services

Travel Management

IT related services

HR related services

Facilities Management and office services





MRO (Maintenance repair operation)

Capital Goods

Fleet Management



P2P and eSourcing technology

Technology has become a major driver for improvements in managing Indirect spend. The majority of large organizations have implemented P2P and eSourcing solutions but only a few fully utilize the capabilities of the technology.

To help large organizations get more value from their eProcurement technologies S2P Professionals has developed a eProcurement Quick Scan service. Within 3-5 days it identifies the opportunities for improvement and prioritized action list. Our approach ensures that organizations have a clear picture of “low hanging fruit” opportunities for improvement resulting Pay-back for the services is weeks rather than months.  Find out more.


Spend Management

Many organizations do not have visibility on (all) their spend. Multiple ERP systems, non-aligned MasterData, decentralized organizational models and many other factors make spend analyses challenging for large organizations.

Spend analyses usually involves data gathering, cleansing, enrichment and reporting. Modern Spend Analyses solutions are able to automate a considerable part of the tasks although it always involves serious manual work as well. Heuristics and complex algorithms are used to achieve this.

To learn more about Spend Analyses check out this Whitepaper by Aberdeen Group published on the UNSPC website; it is a few years old but still very relevant. 





Berkx Knowledge Trends & key topics

– implementation of SaaS Suites for Source-to-Pay by large corporate organizations
– use of supplier networks and Punch-Out catalogues to reduce cost and complexity of supplier integration.
– intelligent tools and real-time benchmarking to analyse and improve Procure-to-Pay performance


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