Master of your Masterdata


Although not the most obvious driver for savings, Masterdata plays a big role.

Some find out the hard way when integrating objects like MRP, Catalogues, PO's Invoicing with suppliers.

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Start using eAuctions today!


eAuctions increase savings; no doubt about it. But they are not "one-size-fits-all".

How do you select the right auction method for your event?

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Introduce EPD - Early Payment Discounts


Early Payment Discounts (EPD) are common practice in many countries including Germany and the US.

At least part of your supplier base will grant you a discount for early payments.

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Leaders excel at managing Risk



Do you have a full and realtime view on Risk for all your commodities?

Do you outperform the market?

What tools do you use to report and manage risk?

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Tracking from origin to end-customer. Managing quality throughout the supply chain.

Challenges a commodity buyer faces every day.

Modern technologies such as IoT and Big Data are changing this space rapidly.

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Analytics on top of  CPO agenda



A recent survey by Deloitte amongst CPO's shows that 65% believes Analytics will have the largest impact on procurement performance in the next few years.

What are your plans on Analytics?

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Save >10% more with eAuctions


eAuctions are the preferred negotiation model for large corporates.

Modern SaaS solutions make it a viable option for organizations of all sizes.

Savings are on average 8-10% higher.

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The value of Supplier Networks


Use of Supplier Networks (SN's) is gaining popularity fast.

Leading eProcurement software vendors have integrated SN's into their suites. Great functionality but often with a complex- and volume based pricing model.

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Onboarding = Happy Supplier


Successful eAuctions share one common feature: actively bidding suppliers.

Supplier DNA seems to include a fundamental dislike of eAuctions.

Experience shows that with proper supplier onboarding it is easily overcome. 

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Punch-Out apples =
Punch-In apples?



The percentage of Requisitions raised through PO Catalogues is increasing. It demonstrates the benefits of a common(ly accepted) classification system.

Poor Masterdata management can drive the cost of managing supplier integration through the roof.

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Spot buying emerges from the dark ages



Modern Source-2-Pay suites offer improved options to increase efficiency and results of spot buying indirect goods and services.

Direct access to platforms like eBay and Alibaba, amongst others are opening new avenues to drive savings.

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SaaS: best practice out of the box?



How unique are the processes to manage indirect spend to a company; or how unique should they be?

Many companies are finding out that adopting standard processes setup in SaaS solutions offers quick benefits.

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